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Top 12 Romantic Places to Visit in Nepal Kathmandu

Nepal is a great destination that waits for you to give a heart-tugging honeymoon.  Surrounded by beautiful mountains of Himalayas, it has much to serve your mind. Overflowing beauty of landscapes and the rich heritage of Nepal would make your honeymoon a dream come true. 

Trekking, adventure, attractions and much more has their part to treat your senses with awe. Here we have listed top 12 romantic places and 10 best places to visit in nepal.  As the beauty of Nepal welcomes you with open arms, you can have fun and bliss if you get into it with open heart. 

Paradise for honeymooners 

Paradise for honeymooners

Pokhara is a famous honeymoon destination and fondly called as city of Lakes. It is a dreamland to feel the breeze, trek, and enjoy the charming Himalayan ranges and boating on the beautiful lake. As you walk with your spouse in the trek paths, you will enjoy the breeze of Himalayas that will give you a different feeling. 

Kathmandu the capital


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has wide range of attractions and nightlife pubs and centres. The tourist places in Kathmandu are amazing and it will create a different romantic experience. The dazzling beauty of this place will be a best you have ever seen or felt. The majestic mountains and tranquil monasteries of Kathmandu gives you a chance to enjoy the bliss like never before. 

Experience the tranquillity like never before


Bandipur is one of the most serene places in Nepal to enjoy your time with your spouse. You could enjoy the romance in the midst of beautiful hill station where beauty is everywhere around you. You will get perfect view of the peaks of Dhaulagiri and Manaslu from here. Do not forget to enjoy the Jungle Safari, trekking and Silkworm Farm.

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Romantic than expected 


Nagarkot is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in nepal because of its romantic attractions. It is situated in the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot is surrounded by world’s highest peak. This scenic destination attracts honeymooners from various places of India. Enjoy viewing Mount Everest from here and also the glorious sunshine on the peak of Himalayas. 

Thrilling and adventurous 

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is a most unfrequented National Park in Nepal. This place adds a thrill to your honeymoon as you could witness Elephants, Rhinoceros and other animals when you take the Wildlife Sanctuary.Tharu Cultural Museum and Elephant Breeding centre can be added to your itinerary. 

Get away from urban ambience


If you want to enjoy a real serene and blissful honeymoon time, you should visit Daman, a striking destination with warm welcoming villagers. The beautiful rhododendrons adorned the beautiful mountains would give you visual treat. When you check nepal honeymoon package cost, do not forget to check Daman included in the package. 

Experience the romance with adventure

Chitwan is a serene place where you could spend your quality time in a resort near the forest. You will experience the tranquillity that creates romance and sense of peace all around you. Elephant Jungle Safari will give you adventurous experience. This jungle is a abode of Royal Bengal Tiger, 300 species of Birds, Elephant safari and one Horned Rhinoceros. 

Small but Elegant 

Godavari is one of the small hill stations in Nepal and a perfect destination for newlyweds. The splendid surroundings of Godavari get you a memorable honeymoon. Enjoy the botanical garden and scenic locations of this hill station. Get prepared to witness pristine attractions
Eye-catching Scenery 

 Sarangkot is a right place to enjoy honeymoon with best of the nature. Sunrise, Sunset and lovebirds of this place will colour your honeymoon with pleasure and fun. February to April and September to November is the right season to be here.You will get stunned of seeing eye-catching sceneries. 

Atmosphere of beauty 

Mustang is also a scenic honeymoon destination in Nepal which is situated in the place where the edges of Nepal and Tibet meets. Couples that love trekking can come here for honeymoon. Trekking through the Mustang would make you feeling the mythical aura of this place. 

Royal and Spiritual City of Nepal

Patan is a place where honeymooners can embrace the culture and spirituality. It is royal city and one among the two other where the display of architecture and wood carvings are nothing but amazing. Golden Temple, Darbar Square and Patan Museum are must-see attractions here. 
Blend of culture, religion and history

Janakpur is widely known as birthplace of Goddess Sita and the destination where her marriage with Rama happened. Honeymooners who come to Nepal usually wish to come here to seek the blessings and favour. You could witness the richness of art here. 

Nepal has a lot to offer on your honeymoon. The weather, scenic destinations, culture, heritage and the amicable people of Nepal would make your honeymoon an exciting experience.

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